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March 1, 2024


There ain’t no party like a Grey Cup party. And this November, the 2024 Festival promises to be one of the most memorable in the 111-year history of Canada’s most treasured football event.

On the same day the 2024 Grey Cup Festival Committee officially welcomed a star-studded group of corporate partners for the highly anticipated party week, CFL fans were provided with a couple of cool nuggets that will be a staple of the week-long extravaganza. For instance, who else is exciting to go zip-lining? 2024 Grey Cup Festival executive director Riley Wiwchar couldn’t wait to roll out those plans. And there will be more than one opportunity to take it on.

“It’s (zip-line) been done before, many Vancouverites and Canadians would remember the 2010 Winter Olympics. Edmonton had done it, but no one’s done two of them,” Wiwchar said Thursday at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

“No one’s done one over the water either. So, we’ve had this idea we can do it and once we figured we can pull it off, we’ve been excited to let people know they’ll have two chances: over the water and on the street.

Over the water, you say. That’s correct. The RBC Harbour Zip-Line will transport fans from the Convention Centre East to Convention Centre West, the second building serving as the main epicentre for all of the Grey Cup team parties, including Lion’s Den which has been a major hit at the last two festivals in Hamilton and Regina. If the nautical way proves to be too daunting for some, fans can opt for the CarStar Street Zip-Line right in front of the Convention Centre buildings. Not a bad way to celebrate the Grey Cup fun.

From ziplines to music and tailgates, the 2024 Grey Cup Festival is shaping up to be one of the best in history.


Wiwchar, Lions president Duane Vienneau and the entire Festival committee have been working around the clock to unveil the template for what they all expect to be the best Vancouver-hosted Grey Cup ever, if not the best of all-time. The entire Lions organization from players, coaches and executives alike plus the diehard fans are all hoping to re-kindle the fire from 1994 and 2011, seasons in which the club celebrated Grey Cup victories inside BC Place. It’s on those playing and coaching to make sure that happens.

From a Festival standpoint, it’s about planning the best party possible and Thursday was just the first, albeit exciting step in the process. There will be plenty more to come in the coming months including halftime musical performances and other concert festival events, upwards of 20 different musical acts according to Wiwchar, that will take place on the weekend of the big game itself.

“I can tell you this: we’re going to have plenty more than what we just announced here today,” Wiwchar added.

“The tailgate parties will be a big hit once we unveil those. So, this is an opportunity for people to make that Sunday an entire day at an event. You don’t have to have a ticket to the game to get a ticket to the tailgate party. So, we’re going to try and dive into that culture of tailgating, bring it here to the Grey Cup Festival and give people a chance to have some fun.”

It’s no secret that the recent Grey Cup hosts have done a stellar job further setting the bar. Vancouver was known to take it to a new level starting in 2005 and then again in 2011 where the refurbished BC Place served as the crown jewel backdrop to what was an amazing week for both the Lions and Canadian Football League. Hamilton even further set that bar in 2023, taking full advantage of getting a second opportunity after their 2021 festival was scaled back due to the lingering impact of COVID-19. Wiwchar and his staff took note after taking in the Hamilton party last November.

They did a tremendous job. I think the biggest thing that they told us was if you can do more events in a similar location versus spreading it out as much, that is to our advantage,” he explained.

“I think that’s where we’re going to do. Everything is here at the Convention Centre, essentially. Hamilton brought in some big headline acts, we’re going to try and do something similar; maybe not the same as what they did in that method, but we’ve got the Saturday night concert and we’re really just excited to build on that. People know what Grey Cup Festival is like and how great it can be. We’re going to make it even better this year.”

We can’t wait to see what else is in store. For the time being, BC Lions season ticket holders can secure their seats for the 111th Grey Cup. You won’t want to miss out! All of the info you need is right HERE.

Matt Baker: mbaker@bclions.com