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HAMILTON (Aug. 2) - The Canadian Football League and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats laid out their plans for the 110th Grey Cup game and Festival in Hamilton last Tuesday at the Grey Cup Launch Party at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats play-by-play announcer RJ Broadhead sat down with President and COO of Business Operations of Hamilton Sports Group Matt Afinec to discuss this year’s Grey Cup festivities.

“We hosted the game and a couple of festival events a couple of years ago, but the actual Grey Cup Festival that brings together people over the week leading to the game itself is what we were unable to deliver last time. Today we unveiled exactly what that’s going to look like here in 2023 and it’s a plan we’ve been working on for years.” Mentioned Afinec after being asked what fans should be excited about.

Afinec explained that this year’s Grey Cup Festival will feature interactive aspects for fans to enjoy.

“The Bedrock of what it is has remained the same in activating the walkable venues in Hamilton for fans to go to their favourite team party, outdoor street festival, alumni function or cheerleader function, all those venues are walkable.”

Afinec mentioned that the organization is excited to bring in partner organizations from around the city to make this festival a success.

“The other piece we’re really proud about is our ability to bring in great partner organizations in the city, to bring their expertise into the Grey Cup’s domains. Supercrawl will be producing all of our activities up and down James Street, the Hamilton Santa Claus Parade is being moved to Grey Cup weekend and a series of other local partnerships that take the expertise of those people, the stakeholders in the local community that care about those things.”

When asked why someone should consider visiting Hamilton for this year’s festival Matt Afinec mentioned that Hamilton’s love for football runs deep.

“Hamilton is a special place, football matters dramatically here. If you’re a fan of the CFL you’re coming to a market where we care about football and the people care about the game and the league.”

This year’s Grey Cup Festival runs from November 13-19, centralized in downtown Hamilton, Ontario.

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