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HAMILTON (Sept.13) The 2023 Grey Cup Festival is profiled in the fall 2023 issue of Hamilton City Magazine.  

The premier magazine focusing on the Hamilton scene delves into the community focus of the Festival and support from Hamilton’s notable community organizations in staging various Festival events.  

Among them are YWCA Hamilton, Sonic Unyon, Around the Bay and the Hamilton Santa Claus Parade, which will ensure Santa Claus is part of the Grey Cup festivities.

“If you’ve been to a Grey Cup before, you’ll remember this one, and if this is your first one, you will be wowed,” Said Gerry Fonzo, General Manager, 2023 Grey Cup Festival. 

“This Grey Cup Festival will showcase all that makes Hamilton so special and this region so special…There are very few things more Canadian than being at a Grey Cup,” said Fonzo.

The profile also highlighted the Festival’s impact on the city and the history of the Grey Cup in Hamilton.

Hamilton City Magazine celebrates Hamilton and provides insight into the people, places, issues and events that shape the cultural and urban landscape of the city. 

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