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HAMILTON (Nov. 6) - The City of Hamilton is all set for the 2023 Grey Cup Festival, and it can be seen throughout the downtown!

The streets have been transformed with colourful street pole banners, guiding signs, and unique art – including a standout floral tiger display at Hamilton City Hall.

2023 Grey Cup Festival Banner on King St, Hamilton.

In partnership with The Look Company and Hamilton city officials, Hamilton's streets have become a living storybook of Grey Cup excitement. It’s a city-wide welcome to fans from across Canada and abroad to the 2023 Grey Cup Festival.

What is out there – from the convention center branding to the road signs – is getting getting everyone ready for game day. It’s about sharing the city’s vibe and sparking conversations around the 2023 Grey Cup Festival and the 110th Grey Cup.

As game day approaches, it is time to get into the spirit! Walk around, enjoy the pageantry, and get into the spirit.

While in the city, take a picture with a street banner or the floral tiger and tag it with #GreyCupFestival and #BuiltInTheHammer.

Let’s spread the Grey Cup fever far and wide!


2023 Grey Cup Festival Decoration Gallery


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