Heartland Quest

Heartland Quest is the first-ever digital scavenger hunt at the Grey Cup Festival with more than 300 daily prizes, plus one youth and one adult grand prize! Participants register online and complete a waiver form.



NOTE: Participants under 18 will need to be registered under a parent’s or guardian’s registration, as there’s a waiver process required for all participants. The waiver also clears participants to ride the SaskPower Tube Slide and take part in SaskTel Digital Zone activities without needing an additional waiver form to be completed.


Once registered with the waiver form(s) complete, participants will receive a QR code by email. They bring that QR code to the Festival site to have it activated and linked to a wristband that will enable them to take part in the Quest. There are three wristband linking stations on site: just inside the NexGen Energy Street Festival near the archway, one inside AffinityPlex and one inside the SaskTel Digital Zone.

Participants race around the property Amazing Race style to scan their wristbands at the Fan Scan stations located throughout the property to unlock badges. Once they have unlocked 10 badges, they’ve completed the Quest and they’ll be entered into the prize draws that will take place regularly throughout the Festival. The grand prize draws will take place on Saturday, Nov. 19 at about 7 p.m. Anyone who completed the Quest during the week will be eligible to win. Winners will be notified if they’ve won a prize, and prizes can be claimed at the AffinityPlex information kiosk. Winners must claim their prizes by 9 p.m. on the day they’re notified of winning.


Q: Why should I preregister? 

A: To save time in the Registration line and to get your Wristband quicker.

Q: Can I play again after I open all the badges? 

A: Yes. Continue to check-in at Fan Scan stations throughout the festival.

Q: Why don’t I see a QR code in my email? 

A: Your email may not allow the display of images, please select your settings to download all images. Your QR code will appear at the bottom of your email.

Q: Why don’t each of the kids I signed up have their own set of badges? 

A: Fans must be 18 years of age or older to register. Underage kids may have their own QR code wristband that is associated to their parent profile.

Q: What is a microsite? 

A: A small website specific to you for this event and is only accessible from the link provided to you. Use your microsite link to track your Quest progress.

Q: How does prizing work?

A: Fans are eligible for multiple daily prize draws throughout the event WednesdaySaturday.  Keep scanning even after your badges are unlocked to increase your chances of winning.

Q: Can I use the same wristband all week?

A: Yes.  If you need a new wristband during the festival, visit a Registration station with your original registration confirmation email and QR code.