109th Grey Cup FAQ’S



Are tickets sold out for the Grey Cup game?

Tickets for the Grey Cup game went on sale to the public on June 14, 2022, and are now more than 95% sold. (Updated on July 24th, 2022)

How much are tickets? 

There are a variety of ticket price options available. Visit the tickets page for details.

Why isn’t the stadium being expanded to 40,000 seats? 

Mosaic Stadium is known for its great fan experience as a social venue that allows for people to gather around the stadium, connect with people, and enjoy events. Adding more seats beyond normal capacity would take away from the social experience and cause congestion in the concourse areas. It would also create long line-ups for concessions, beverages, and washrooms. Temporary seats would not offer the comfort of the stadium’s permanent seats, and the cost would be high, which would ultimately lead to higher Grey Cup ticket prices across the stadium.

How were ticket prices determined? 

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club looked at the 2013 Grey Cup in historic Mosaic Stadium as a benchmark. They also consulted with previous Grey Cup hosts and reviewed their pricing strategies. There are many ticket price options so fans can enjoy the championship game.




When will the entertainment be announced for Festival week? 

We’re busy planning some great entertainment events, and we can’t wait to share more information with you over the next few months. Watch the Grey Cup Festival website and @GreyCupFestival on our social channels for entertainment announcements.

Where can I get information about the Festival? Is there an app?

Follow the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Grey Cup Festival social media channels. Information will also be updated regularly on the website.

Stay tuned for a 109th Grey Cup Festival app that will be available closer to the event!

When will tickets be available for the Festival team party rooms and other events?

Tickets will go on sale in mid-August. Watch the Grey Cup Festival website and social media channels for announcements.

What will the entertainment options be for the Grey Cup Festival? 

There will be something for everyone at the 2022 Grey Cup Festival, including family activities like the SaskPower Family Fair, NexGen Street Festival and the SaskTel Digital Zone, as well as age 19+ team party rooms like Riderville. Everything – including the championship game – will be taking place at one location for the first time in CFL history.

Will there be a cost to attend the Festival? How much will it cost? 

There will be a number of ticketed and non-ticketed events for the Grey Cup Festival with a focus on events that will be fun for youth and young families. As in past years, there will also be paid tickets to get into certain Festival events like the team party rooms and the tailgate party. Ticket prices and the full lineup of events will be announced once details are finalized. Watch the Grey Cup Festival website and social media channels for ticketing announcements.

If I have a Grey Cup game ticket, will I get into the Festival for free?

The NexGen Street Festival, SaskPower Family Fair and many other events will be free. Any ticketed events taking place during the Grey Cup Festival will require a separate ticket.

Will there be a pass to get into all the party rooms?

Yes, there will be a party pass for ages 19+ to access all team party rooms at REAL District. The party rooms get busy in the evenings and on the weekend, so we encourage people to arrive early. All venues have maximum capacity, and entry is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The pre-purchased access pass does not guarantee entry.

Will people be able to buy Festival tickets in advance?

As we finalize details of Festival events, we’ll announce ticket buying details. Watch the Grey Cup Festival website and social media channels for ticketing announcements.

Will there be Festival events taking place in downtown Regina or in other locations? 

For the first time in Grey Cup history, all official Grey Cup Festival events will take place on one footprint, which will be convenient for attendees. We expect restaurants and other businesses will get in the spirit of the event and celebrate in their own way, but the Festival events will all take place at REAL District.




How can I get involved? 

Putting on Canada’s biggest party will take a team of about 1,500-2,000 volunteers. Volunteer opportunities & registration for the 2022 Grey Cup Festival will be announced closer to the Labour Day Classic.

Can I choose the type of volunteer role I want? 

Yes, you’ll be able to select the role(s) that interest you. Sign-up will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage volunteers to sign up early to select their preferences.

How many hours are required of volunteers? 

Volunteers have a minimum 15-hour commitment throughout the event. Most of the volunteer shifts will be 4-5 hours long with a maximum of 8 hours worked in a 24-hour period.

Do I need a criminal record check to volunteer? 

Yes, we want to ensure a safe environment for all our guests and volunteers, a criminal record check is one of the many tools we use.

Will there be a cost to volunteer? 

Yes, as in 2013, there will be a volunteer fee that helps cover the cost of uniforms, volunteer software, training, support and other administration expenses. The fee will be kept as low as possible and is expected to be $85.

Why do volunteers need to pay? 

There are costs for volunteers, including uniforms, software, meals, training, etc. Volunteer fees help to offset the costs and ensure we recruit a committed team so we can put on a successful event. Volunteer uniforms will be high-quality clothing pieces that many volunteers continue to wear long after the event.




Will there be enough hotel rooms available?  

Regina has ample hotel capacity for the Grey Cup. Several past events of this caliber have been hosted in our city with fewer hotel rooms. Since 2013, Regina has added 10 new hotels with more than 1,100 rooms. Regina and Emerald Park now have a combined capacity of 4,000 hotel rooms in 34 hotels, which is part of the reason why our city is so attractive for large events like the Grey Cup.

Why can’t I find any available hotel rooms?

The league will have some room holds for players, officials and the many individuals who will travel to Regina to put on the event. Just like with other big events, as the league determines how many rooms are actually needed, they will release room holds and more vacancies will become available. The best way to secure a hotel room is to call your preferred hotel directly. If your preferred hotels don’t currently have availability, ask to have your name placed on a wait list. Up-to-date hotel vacancies will likely not be available on third-party hotel booking sites, such as Expedia, Travelocity, etc.

Visit www.stayinregina.com for a list of Regina Hotel Association member hotels and their contact information.




Will there be on-site parking? 

There will be a variety of transportation and parking options available with plans to have free transitrunning during peak Festival hours and on game day. We’re still working through the details, and we’ll share more information closer to the event date.

What’s exciting is that all events including the game itself will be on one footprint for the first time in CFL history, so fans will be able to experience everything in one location. REAL District is very close to downtown Regina, so fans will be able to get there and back quickly so they can make the most of all the entertainment options.

Will ride sharing be an option to get to the Festival events and/or the championship game? 

Yes, there will be a place for taxi and ride sharing drivers to drop patrons off at the Grey Cup Festival and championship game. We’re still working through the details, and we’ll share more information closer to the event date.